Some pictures of hunting results. 

This is a picture of our hunt today, Sept 22, 2008, we set out to get a bull moose and came home with a 300 pound bear. Jim shot this bear from about 250 yards with his new custom built 338-06. Trisha got a moose permit so Jim thought he would build a rifle for himself to take on the trip. He is the subpermitee. So check back for updates. These pictures did not do justice but you get the idea.
Jim with 298 lb bear

Black Bear

This is a photo of the moose and Jim and Trisha at the check in station, he weighed 732 pounds and his rack is 39 1/2 inches. It was a great hunt! Jim shot him with his J. White Custom 338-06, and Trisha shot him with her J. White Custom 25-06 loaded with Barnes Bullets. We were able to retrieve the bullet on the far side of the hide. The bullet doubled its size and gained a .5 grain from hide and flesh caught under the “petals” of the bullet. The Barnes penetrated both lungs. All three shots were triangular as far apart as the holes in a bowling ball.

Jim and
                           Trisha with Moose
Jim and
                           Trisha with moose

Both the bear and the moose traveling home.

Jim and Trisha with the Moose and Bear, the Moose is sitting on a trailer and the ladder is holding the branch from snapping.

This picture is of a moose that our customer Dave shot using his custom left hand 35 Whelen and a 225 gr Game King hand load. 854# ……. 53 5/8 spread …. 17 points


Joshua shot his first deer in Atkinson around 5:00. It was a 6 point buck with a non-typical rack and weighed 147 pounds after being dressed out. Joshua is so excited!!


Charles and son with their moose weighing 560.


Charles Scott’s Turkey: The turkey was 18lbs with a 8-3/4 inch beard.