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New Builds
Custom Rework
Ammo Reloading

Rifle Work

  • Installing barrels-we prefer to thread, chamber and crown in shop
  • Blueprinting your action-truing and lapping bolt
  • Fluting barrels-we do straight fluting (helical fluting is patented by E. R. Shaw.)
  • Install Sako style extractors
  • Create and install Muzzlebrakes-we strongly suggest these only be used on the target range as hearing loss is common when used on hunting rifles
  • Trigger work
  • Inletting stocks-wood or synthetic
  • Finishing stocks-we use several types of finish
  • Hand checkering-of wood and metal
  • Custom machining of scope mounts or unique parts to tailor your firearm
  • Adaptations for handicapped shooters
  • Developing of wildcat cartridges
  • Bedding/pillar bedding

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