Welcome to J. White Gunsmithing

We specialize in making one of a kind rifles that fit and perform beyond the expectations our customers have. If it is a classic style like a single shot for dangerous game, a tack driving varmit rifle for shooting those 500 yard wood chucks/coyotes or a deer rifle that makes you the envy of hunting camp, we are up for the challenge. We can on occasion be convinced to build a 1911 or rebarrel and tune a Ruger Black Hawk. It is our pleasure to make your firearm what you want it to be.
We are a family run business. Jim does all the gun work, Trisha does most of the paper work. We have raised our three children here in beautiful Guilford Maine. 
Call or email for quotes on any work. We are located on Wharff Rd. in Guilford, Maine, look for the  J. White Gunsmith sign by the two big willow trees.
Visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jwhitegunsmith.


  1. Sir I would like to swap barrels on a Ruger #3. I have a Ruger #3 barrel in 30-40 krag and would like to put it on my #3 in 223. Can this be done and at what approx cost?

    1. Sorry I overlooked your question for so long. I can change the barrels for you, it should be less than $100.

  2. I’m looking to have a 16 gauge double barrel sleeved for 458 win mag, would that be something you’d be able to do and what would the price be?

    Thanks for your consideration,

    1. Sorry it took so long to reply, I wasn’t aware there were questions pending on the website.
      Yes, I can do this but I would have to look at your shotgun to give you an estimate.

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